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Save The World One Pet Peeve At a Time

Posted in goals, inspiration, Save The World, What is your Legacy? by cdaymude on January 21, 2009

How often do you get the chance to Save the World?

And have a lot of fun doing it? I would say that I have never been offered that opportunity in my 44 glorious years on this Earth. Or is it that the offer just wasn’t as obvious as this one?

There’s no guess work involved here; no back-handed, slight of hand marketing techniques. Just plain, simple, save the world one pet peeve at a time stuff. I’m talking about a Book, with Celebrity as well as regular fold contributors.

So you wanna help AND be a part of something as big as the Chicken Soup Series (just imagine getting in with Mark Victor Hansen from the beginning)? This thing’s going viral.

There are two (3) ways to contribute:

1) Submit a peeve right here on this blog. The Peeve’s with the highest votes go in the book for the world to see. Sorry but you don’t get any money for your efforts.

100% of the profits from the book go to charity.

2) Spread the word about the project by twittering, facebooking, digging, or just good old fashioned cut and paste a link to get the word out networking. Every effort will make a difference…….

3) Post a rebuttal. I’m sure it won’t make sense but go for it.

And just how do we Save The World with Pet Peeve’s?

Well there is a good reason that I chose the specific charity that I did. One big reason is that it will allow us to Save The World one person at a time by significantly increasing the number of people working on the solutions to our biggest problems.

You see, an amazing 17% of the United States is illiterate! And its not that those people don’t have the capacity to do amazing things, it’s just that many of them didn’t have the same opportunities as the other 83%. An interesting fact is that the person who is attributed with the highest IQ in the world currently is by most standards, a loser. It is not enough that he has intelligence higher than Einstein’s, he didn’t have the opportunities in school that challenged him appropriately nor did he have parents with the resources to recognize his potential. Just imagine if that IQ was channeled towards finding an alternative energy source or curing cancer? And just imagine if we had an additional 17% of our population to draw from to look for solutions…..think of the possibilities. Think of the solutions that could come from a completely diverse population of people and the different solutions that would follow. And that’s why I chose a charity that is working towards taking the 83% and making it 100%.

Think of our current population of solution providers a different way. Think of them as an incestuous group. A group that comes from similar ideals and backgrounds. Similar educational up-bringing and backgrounds yield similar results.

I was talking to my 11 yr old while we were watching the Olympics this summer and he asked about the people competing. I said that they were the best people who were doing what they were doing at this time. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people in the world who don’t have the capability to be even better than the current Olympians. But most people never have the opportunity to develop the natural physical skills that they have. And that is perfectly analogous to our academic situation. I’m not going to beat a dead horse here; if you want all the back up data in the world about this, I encourage you to read Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell.

I truly believe that the “best” people are not necessarily working on our toughest problems. I think that the best people in our current pool of talent is probably working on our problems.

Let’s fill the pool with allot more swimmers!

The Ron Clark Academy is working on filling that pool as we speak. But he needs allot of help. Think of the OCEAN being 17% below its full pool and trying to fill it up. That’s the challenge we face. It is a monumental challenge.

100% of the Profits from the book will go to The Ron Clark Academy

So why Pet Peeve’s? Why not? Hey its fun and its ironic that the contributors to the book are highly successful and optimistic people. And even though solving these “peeves” will not likely change the world all by them self, on some level we all feel like getting these little problems out of the way, will somehow clear the path so that we can get serious about the real problems. And that makes for a light hearted solution; one that will be easy for your to spread. So get to spreadin’ the word! And besides, we are doing a service to humanity to by giving a bunch of ignorant people A CLUE and making the rest of the world a better place to live (see I told you we were going to be Saving the World).

So what does a “Pet Peeve” look like and what are the rules?

I’m glad you asked because there ARE rules. In order for your contribution to count, your “peeve”
has to have the follow qualities*:


1) State your Peeve (give me a title)


2) Pick your category (like, kids, family, shopping, work, bosses, driving etc)


3) Catch phrase with acronym (so people can spread the news easily)

4) Real life example (so the rest of the world can relate)

5) Your example should be funny (enough said, this isn’t a masterpiece, its entertainment) and give a reason people should change: why? Look if we just list the Pet Peeves without the lesson then we are never going to change the world. People will just get defensive. They won’t listen and worse off they will likely rebel. And that would be bad because at least before, these people were just ignorant. But if they know you have a mission to fulfill….oh that would be bad. My quest to make the world a better place one peeve at a time would back-fire! It would be Pet Peeve Jihad. So please, no rhyme without the reason, no ying without the yang

6) You peeve should include a rebuttal (hey its only fair to give these losers a one line)

*Don’t sweat it if you can’t meet all 6 of the guidelines. There will be excellent editors who actually have writing talent and will be able to touch up your entry.
BUT the more information you leave out the more difficult it will be for people to vote your entry as a winner. 

Here’s an example of a “Pet Peeve” (hint, they are nothing like Pet Rocks, these are minor annoyances that we live with every day)

1) State your Peeve: people who back into parking spaces

2) Category: driving

3) Catch Phrase with Acronym: back parkers, beeps (explanation below)

4) and 5) Real Life Example:

I was driving with my buddy Mark going to a movie at the Biltmore in Phoenix when we were talking about pet peeves. Just as he was committing act #1. Can you believe it? Yes I let him have it and the world is a little better because of it. As I thought, he just didn’t know…

The reason for the backing in thing is this: Imagine you are following a Back Parker (official name). Or you call them beeps (you know, short for the b and p in Back Parker that also doubles for an expletive cover up. My kids are aware of cuss words because I’m one of those evil parents who actually exposes them to the world rather than sheltering them from it. I would rather them find out around me than a bunch of drunk idiots. Anyway when the kids want to repeat something they have heard and it contains an expletive, they just substitute beep; because they know it’s not a positive message to the world (they watch My Name Is Earl and know all about karma, who needs Buddha anyway?) to cuss. So when you see a Back Parker feel free to just yell out a good solid “BEEP”! So you’re following this ‘beep’ and you have no idea what they’re doing ‘cause you lost your mind reading abilities just after puberty ended. You don’t know if this person is leaving the mall or just coming in or waiting in the isle for their spouse to return. But they pull past the parking space you see open. You’re right on their tail, but not close enough to be a tail-gaiter, (better known as a teeg) but just close enough to let the mall monger coming the other direction that you have dibs on the spot (come on you know that’s exactly what you’re thinking). Your heart is pounding because you’re going to win the coveted spot that you can now taste and you know has to be much better than the one on the next isle over.

The feeling of anticipation runs through you and nothing else in the world matters until your quest for perfect parking culminates in you pulling into that very spot.

And then just as you begin to turn the wheel ever so slightly in continued conquest over the “other direction” challenger, it happens. You know what I’m talking about. “Beep”, you shout! The SUV ahead of you has stopped, put their inferior auto in reverse so they can light up their lack of respect and they are leaning with one arm over the seat and looking at you in preparation to Back Park. And somehow I think these beeps really believe that the other people in the isle, on both sides, actually know what they were planning all along. So now I have to back up and wait. Because it takes forever for them to back their car in the spot and I can’t even get around them and get the spot that was vacated while I waited 20 minutes for the Back Parker to do their selfish deed. Why? Because the mall monger from the other side of the isle got the spot and all the satisfaction.

And What’s The real truth? Back parkers everywhere hear this. We don’t know what the beep you’re doing and when we finally realize it, you block the whole isle and take forever. So next time go to the gym, and park as far away as possible. I’m sure you could use the extra exercise anyway.

Rebuttal: confessions of a Back Parker (pending)

There you have it! Ready to contribute but you just can’t think of a Peeve to get you going?  Here are a few options. You just need to supply the passion:

1)  Butt Flickers–ignorant people who flick their cigarette butts all over the world like it is their ashtray and start forest fires etc etc.

2)  Tail Gaiters–come on folks do you really think you going to get there quicker by getting that much closer to my bumper?

3) Stupid People Breeders—why is it that people on Jerry Springer have so many more children than the average family? Should there be an IQ test?

4) Open Coughers—if you want to hack up a lung, keep your germs to yourself. Cover your mouth you idiot, you are responsible for millions of dollars in lost work due to illness and probably the cause of our health care issues in America.

Okay you get the picture. Now one last detail. Entries submitted on this blog will be ranked based on public vote. For the final product, public entries will be combined with Celebrity entries.

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