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Weight Loss Goal Day 2

Posted in goals, Weight Loss by cdaymude on January 2, 2009

Let’s start with                            Lost 2 Pounds

Exercise: because I got up at 5:30 and started my day that way. That’s just what you have to do to accomplish your goals. I went to Master’s swim practice–where I am by far the slowest person in the pool many times. That’s okay–I’m faster than all the people laying in bed!  I think we did about 4000 yards. A pretty tough workout actually, I was tired.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Blueberries again with 1/2 cup of Steel cut oatmeal and 1 tablespoon flaxseed. Because I worked out hard I added a half scoop of protein powder–this is fortified like a multi-vitamin.

Whatever you do when you are cutting calories. DONT over do it–your body will fight back and  you will over eat later.

Snack: Banana and a large glass of water

Lunch: 6 inch ultimate sub on 5 grain bread from Publix. I had lettuce, tomato, green peppers and spicy mustard. This is a real treat and fills me up pretty well. Its a complete meal with bread, veggies, cheese and meat.I went crazy with a large diet coke. This is like dessert to me….

Snack: Sardines. Ohh Suzanne hates the smell but they are awesome for you. One of the cleanest fishes and best sources of Omega 3’s fatty oils. Fat is good as long as it is good fat.

Dinner: Lentil soup over whole grain pasta with fresh spinach. Large glass of water.

Snack: Yogurt with that WASA wafer thing that I like so much.

That’s is for tonight–weigh in #2 tomorrow!


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